Dubrovnik Cable Car

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Spectacular Views of the Old City from the Dubrovnik Cable Car

With the Dubrovnik cable car you can enjoy the most beautiful view of the old city Dubrovnik and nearby town Cavtat, Lokrum and Elafits islands is from mountain Srđ. It’s very easy to reach the Dubrovnik cable car as it’s right in front of one of the three main entrances to the old city.

The Dubrovnik cable car is right next to the old city. You reach the Dubrovnik cable car easily by foot from the old city itself. You begin and finish this breathtaking experience at the same place. Its takes only 10 – 15 minutes from our home rental Apodidiae.

Old City Dubrovnik Cable Car

Departure is every half an hour.
Prices: one adult round-trip ticket is 108 kunas and for children (4-12 years) is 50 kunas.

Where To Buy The Tickets & How To Reach The Cable Car?

You have to go through Ruđer Bošković Street which leads from Stradun to exit the city walls. As soon as you come out of the old city, 10 m away you will see a shop where you can buy tickets. After you buy your tickets, you need to keep climbing towards the visible fire station. From fire station you have to crossover the street on your right hand side and continue straight up the street. After 50 meters you will see the cable car lower station on your right hand side.

What to See & What You To Do On Mountain Srđ?

As soon as you get in the cable car, the magic begins! While you climb up, in front of you begin to appear old city and the whole surroundings with blue sea. The trip takes only 4-5 minutes. The upper station is located at 405 meters above sea level. After taking photos of the old city, the sea and the whole surroundings from East to West, you can relax yourself in the panoramic restaurant or you can go to the souvenir shop. Our advice is to visit Dubrovnik homeland war museum. It has four different themes:

    1. The fall of the Dubrovnik Republic and history of the Fort Imperial where the museum is actually situated.
    2. The Serbian-Montenegrin aggression in 1991.
    3. The liberation actions of the Croatian Army.
    4. Suffering of the people, civil buildings and cultural monuments.

The museum is opened daily from 8 a. m. to 4 p. m. (from 3 November to 21 March) or from 8 a. m. to 6 p. m. (from 22 March to 2 November). The price is 30 kunas for adults and 15 kunas for students and pupils. After visiting mountain Srđ, you will be able to understand much better why the old city of Dubrovnik is so special and what makes it so unique.

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