Dubrovnik Old City – Spectacular by Night & Day, All Four Seasons!

Dubrovnik Old City Postcard view

Dubrovnik old city, the most famous and most visited tourist destination in Croatia. A unique Renaissance city in the Mediterranean. The city is a Spectacular experience during night & day, and during every season of the year. The city is relatively small but very busy most of the year. Small, because the greater area population counts some 120.000 inhabitants, yet the old city is visited by millions.

During its main Season from March to October (Peaks in July/August), the Dubrovnik old city is visited by Air (via Dubrovnik Airport) with almost 2 million visitors per year. In addition, another 1 Million visitors by Sea (via Cruise Ships) and, thousands more visit by road (Cars, Buses, Motorcycles, Campers, etc.). The Dubrovnik old city is vibrant and unique due to its large pedestrian area within the ancient stone walls. Once, this was the only place in the city where one would meet people and want to be seen.

The rich and long history of the old city of Dubrovnik, once (1272 A.D.) called the Republic of Ragusa, has past its glory and fame till today. All visitors to the old city, will definitely experience a overwhelming feeling of ancient medieval times. It is no surprise that many of the famous HBO series “Game of throwns” were filmed in this area of the Mediterranean. You can read a short history of Dubrovnik here.

The old City has numerous places and sights of interest. You maybe interested in history, and the many museums Dubrovnik city offers. You just as well, may simply enjoy the peaceful, romantic beauty of the ancient Mediterranean city as it once was during the Dubrovnik Republic. Today, apart from its rich historical heritage, Dubrovnik provides numerous things to do, to See & to Know about.


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