Dubrovnik Old City Winter Season Flair

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Dubrovnik Old City Winter Season Flair – Spectacular by Night.

Dubrovnik has finished various preparations for the winter season celebration of Christmas & New Year 2015. Every year, Dubrovnik Old City Winter Season shows its Walls, the “Stradun” (main pedestrian area) and Churches (over 16 of them) with spectacular, fairy tale like, lighting at night.

The Dubrovnik Old City Winter Season “Stradun” with Christmas Flair.

Many holiday tourists, together with Dubrovnik locals enjoy the winter season ambient especially by night. Enjoy Quite beautiful evenings for Christmas and then, more active upcoming programs for the New Year celebration.

Most of the monuments, churches and famous City Walls show decorative and architectural lighting to empower the century old age and everlasting beauty. The main pedestrian area will host more than 20 thousand visitors for the countdown celebration in to the year 2015.

Dubrovnik Old City Winter Season view of the Main Promenade Stradun

The Old City Night View of the Cathedral’s Great Baroque Dome.

Dubrovnik Old City Winter Season Cathedral Baroque Dome by night

Just one of several Churches, the Dubrovnik Cathedral shows its beautiful Baroque architecture lighten up during the night. It was built on the site of several former cathedrals, including 6th, 10th and 11th century buildings. Today, holding typical Roman Baroque architecture.

The year 2015 will mark 810 years after the Venetian suzerainty (1205–1358). Venice invaded the coast of today’s Croatian Coastal area “Dalmatia” and in the south, at that time “The Republic of Ragusa”, Dubrovnik was used as its Navel base. Dubrovnik managed to maintain most of its independence at that time. However, Dubrovnik grew stronger decade by decade and, consequently became a true rival to the Venetian Republic in the Mediterranean.

Dubrovnik (the Republic of Ragusa) reached its commercial peak in the 15th and the 16th centuries.

Besides the City Walls & Churches, the whole Old City Glows at Night.

In 2009, a lighting master plan was introduced in collaboration with architectural conservators. Obviously, the technology chosen is energy efficient lighting which is maintained easily, using LED technology.

This lighting plan helped Dubrovnik make another step to reinforce its century old identity as the “Pearl of the Adriatic” and enhance its historical old city centre for all visitors for years to come.

Dubrovnik Old City Winter Season Night Glow

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy 2015.