Holiday Home Rental – Old City Dubrovnik

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Why Choose a Holiday Home Rental in the Old City Dubrovnik

When visiting Croatia, rarely someone misses visiting the Old City Dubrovnik. Staying somewhere in other parts of Dubrovnik or in its vicinity is unthinkable without, visiting the Old City itself.

It takes only minutes to appreciate the medieval atmosphere and then easily decide to learn more by visiting one of the many museums.

The Dubrovnik old city is very vibrant because everyone seems to find something interesting to explore, see, visit or do, at any time of the day. There is so much to do, and it all starts by simply strolling along the ancient main pedestrian area called “Stradun“.

stradun main pedestrian area in old city Dubrovnik

In the summer, you can go swimming at one of the nearby beaches or enjoy a variety of excellent restaurants with local cuisine & excellent wines. During the evening, visitors enjoy different outings, from classical music concerts, clubs or night bars. So, why choose a Holiday Home Rental in the Old City Dubrovnik?

Reason 1, to choose a holiday home rental in the Old City Dubrovnik

Simply, because it’s fascinating to be there! Every building in the old city of Dubrovnik is built from stones and all homes are attached to each other. Most of the housing blocks are ordered next to each other with narrow streets in between.

Every home street leads again to the main street called “Stradun”. During the past century, many of these buildings were rebuilt, so you will notice different architecture & styles.

narrow streets in old city Dubrovnik

For example, holiday home Apodidiae dates back to the 16th century and it was part of a former Renaissance palace. With respect to a very long tradition, the reconstruction of this apartment was kept in its original state. You can still feel the spirit of the past time in many details even though it’s equipped like any other modern day flat, or apartment.

Reason 2, to choose a holiday home rental in the Old City Dubrovnik

It’s just very peaceful compared with other parts of Dubrovnik! Actually, the holiday home rental, apartment Apodidiae is very peaceful compared with other apartments in the old city. Apodidae has no restaurants, cafes, night clubs or bars next door.

This holiday home rental is an excellent choice for families (up to four guests) that seek peace in the heart of Old City Dubrovnik.

peaceful dubrovnik walls swifts

During the afternoon, it’s common to hear swifts singing and flying around the city walls nearby. This is why this holiday home Apartment is called Apodidiae (in Latin: a Swift bird, similar to Swallows). When it gets too quiet, you easily reach the busier area in just 4 minutes down to the mentioned main area “Stradun”.

Reason 3, to choose a holiday home rental in the Old City Dubrovnik

If you choose your holiday home rental in the Old City Dubrovnik, you have many interesting things to do nearby as well. Wherever you choose to stay, you will probably visit most of these places anyway. You can easily go to some of the pebble beaches around the city in walking distance.

Our recommendation is to also go by regular ferry boats to the next door island of Lokrum.

old ciy dubrovnik lokrum island view

Most of the museums in Dubrovnik are actually in the old city, but, if you prefer outdoors, do not forget to visit the famous Dubrovnik city walls (the celebrated HBO series “Game of Thrones” filmed many episodes in, out and around these walls “Kings Landing”) and the tour (almost 2 km) lasts some 45-60 minutes.

If you want to explore Dubrovnik even more, you can always take a taxi or bus from its mate Pile – Gate and go in any direction of the newer parts of the city. We are sure that you will enjoy other parts of Dubrovnik as well, but we are convinced you will return to the old city with pleasure, and spend another peaceful evening in Old City Dubrovnik.

My whole family is proud to own a century old home! We invite you to spend your holiday here and experience a fascinating time in history with peace and tranquillity. See more about this holiday home rental in old Dubrovnik.

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