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Escape to the Island Lokrum near Old City Dubrovnik

Even though it’s a great experience to holiday in the old city of Dubrovnik, sometimes the city noise and crowd is a reason enough to go elsewhere quiet and where you can enjoy more nature and tranquillity. Believe it or not, this was common practise hundreds of years ago. A quick escape to the island Lokrum is the perfect choice to enjoy something totally different. Visiting the island Lokrum is easy and fast due to the frequent boat schedule that takes only 20 min. Today, the island Lokrum offers more than ever, yet keeping you close to the old city of Dubrovnik at all time.

Island Location:

The island Lokrum is located 600 m (1,939 feet) and is the nearest island from the old city of Dubrovnik. It stretches from northwest to southeast. Its surface is only 0,694 km². The highest point is at 96 m (315 feet). The whole island Lokrum is covered lush Mediterranean flora. Lokrum is a Nature Reserve and a Special Forest Vegetation Reserve under UNESCO protection. It would be a mistake not to reserve one day of your stay in Dubrovnik for this short one day trip.

How To Get There?

From old city port there is a boat which sails off every half an hour. The price for the ride is 80 Kunas. Its starts with the amazing boat ride from the same old city port which was used during the time of the “Republic of Dubrovnik” and from where you also have an amazing view of Cavtat (small town south of Dubrovnik). The voyage takes only 20 minutes. The ship docks in Portoč (Lat. Portus, Eng. port) on island Lokrum. As soon as you come there, the easy going adventure trip can begin.

A Few Interesting Things To Do & Know About The Island Lokrum!

Things To See

  • The Botanical garden – it was founded in 1959 and there are many native, tropical and subtropical plants. Some plants are imported from Australia and South Amerika. It’s an interesting collection of eucalyptuses and cactuses.
  • The remains of a basilica from 12th/13th century and the monastery from 15th/16th century with an atrium garden. Behind the monastery there are olives, agaves, pines, cypress, palms under which you can find shade and place to rest or refreshments.
  • The Fort Royal was built in 1806 by the French at the highest point of Lokrum (96 m). The fort is star-shaped and from there, a wonderful view of the old city, mountain Srđ, Cavtat and open Adriatic Sea. To get there, you will pass a water tank and alley. It will take cca. 15-20 minutes.

Things To Do

  • The whole island Lokrum has several forest trails and it’s very pleasant to walk them. Thanks to the high trees, the temperature is also very pleasant even during hot summer days. All the Mediterranean plants and trees have very pleasant odour. It’s not too hard to reach to the Fort Royal which is the highest point. Somewhere you can lie down under the trees and take a rest or you can sunbathe on the rocks near the sea.
  • Lokrum has some very good places to take a quick swim. One is in Portač, not far where the ship docks. A little further east there is even a nudist beach for those of such desire. For parents with children, we recommend the so called “Dead Sea” (Mrtvo more). This small sea lake is linked underground to the open sea. Its 10 meters deep. The entrance to the lake has small sandy beach and it’s very easy to get in the water. Most places where swimming is allowed have ladders to get in and out of the sea easier.
  • There are several restaurants, coffee’s and bars where you can eat something (variety of choices but mainly traditional meet, fish and salads) or just serving drinks, coffee or cocktails.

Things To Know

  • The name „Lokrum“ comes from the Latin word „acrumen“ which means sour fruit, since there is many trees with a wild sort of oranges.
  • From old manuscripts we know that in the year 1023 the island was inhabited an order of Saint Benedict. In 1808 the last Benedictines left the island and local legend says that on their last night, the monks put a curse on the island and anyone who tried to obtain the island for themselves would be cursed forever.
  • There is another legend that Richard the Lionheart was shipwrecked in 1192 after returning from the crusades and was cast safely ashore on island Lokrum.
  • Archduke Maximilian von Habsburg bought the island in 1859. He and his wife Archduchess Charlotte of Austria (princess of Belgium) enjoyed Lokrum. They were the ones that brought Peafowls from Canary Islands to Lokrum. These beautifully birds still run freely around the island, and you should be able to see one during the trip.

I hope to have raised your interest and adventure spirit to visit island Lokrum right next to the old city Dubrovnik. For more detailed information please visit the official island site. Please share with your friends or follow us for more. Thanks!

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