Privacy Policy: Apartment Apodidae – Dubrovnik, Croatia, EU

Apartment Apodidae enjoys a close relationship with its customers. Listening to ideas and suggestions helps us to develop the best solutions and services. An integral part of this relationship is „Apartment Apodidae“ firm commitment to privacy. We take your privacy concerns seriously and want to make every effort to address them.

This is why we have adopted the following policy, which explains our position on information gathering and how we intend to use any user data we may collect. This is also why you are notified that our web pages use cookies to improve your experience. We assume you are OK with this, but you opt-out if you wish by not accepting the Cookie notification.

Privacy Policy

Your Personal Information!

Respecting our customer’s privacy has never been an issue with us. You can visit this site without telling us who you are or revealing any information about yourself. We value your business and trust, which is why you never have to worry about „Apartment Apodidae“ using your name or personal information inappropriately. We will not sell, exchange, rent or loan this information, ever!

However „Apartment Apodidae“ continues to gather information from our customers on a voluntary basis through online fomrs. This data is very critical in helping us learn more about what our customers expect and demand from their „Apartment Apodidae“ products, solutions and services. This means that any information we receive from a customer implies consent for our use of their information.

„Apartment Apodidae“ honors and follows the international guidelines of the Direct Marketing Association for Privacy Practices. We thank our customers for their trust. „Apartment Apodidae“ acknowledges and supports our customer’s right to direct the use of their personal data and will maintain an “opt-out” option, which allows you to request the removal of your name from any mailing or telephone list.

Upon Approving our Privacy Policy via online forms, we may use your Testimonial provided (without visualizing your Email address) for promotional reasons on other Sites & Our Social Media Networks!

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